Mrs. Lewis Pre-K Classroom

Hello and Welcome to Pre-K Lewis!

December and January Star of the Week- 12/7 Michael, 1/4 Finn, 1/11 John, 1/18 Flora, 1/25 Dominic

December Dates-

  • Friday December 4th- Half Day dismissal at 11:00
  • Each Friday in December are Spirit Wear Days
  • School will be closed from12/24 through January 1st (reopening on 1/4)
  • Please keep an eye out for a sign up sheet for our Christmas Party that we will be having the week of 12/21
  • Monday 12/21 will be wear your favorite Christmas clothes in Pre-k
  • Tuesday 12/22 bring your favorite Christmas toy from last year to school or show and tell (please try and send a small toy in)
  • Wednesday 12/23- Pajama and Movie Day in Preschool- wear your favorite Christmas Pajamas and bring your favorite Stuffed Animal

What are we learning in December-

  • We are focusing most of our month around Jesus and Advent! Many of our activities such as math and writing activities are tied into the theme of Christmas and Advent. In the writing center, our older friends are being exposed to many different Christmas words that they can practice writing (Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Shepard’s, Advent, and many more)  The younger friends are working on tracing these words and matching picture cards to word cards.  We will be working in our December journals, writing Christmas cards to our friends and family, and much, much more.
  • We are focusing our literacy times around Advent and Christmas stories as well.  We are working on rhyming and sequence of events, as well as comparing and contrasting many different versions of Christmas stories.  The older friends will be working in small groups on little readers and you will see some of these come home at the end of the month.
  • Math centers have lots of Advent and Christmas counting and number recognition games as well as continued work with patterns.  The older friends are also being introduced to the concept of making a simple graph using Nativity Dice and graphing Mary, Joseph, Jesus, etc. 
  • We are making lots of Christmas crafts this month and have also completed our Advent Wreaths that are hanging in the classroom.  Each week the children are coloring a new candle to hang on their wreathe.  We are also lighting our Advent candles (1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on the week) each day! The children are already enjoying taking turns with this (it is a battery operated candle) 
  • Our dramatic play center has been turned into our famous Santa’s workshop and wrapping station! The children are shopping for gifts and honing in on there fine motor skills by cutting wrapping paper, cutting ribbons, wrapping small gift boxes, using tape, and attempting to tie ribbons! This center is always a big hit every year! They learn and practice many different skills in this center.  




Some things to keep in mind- your child will not always come home with a worksheet or an activity that we did at school that day.  A lot of our learning is hands on and through our centers that we rotate through as the day goes on.  We don’t always do something on paper.  Most of the time, anything done on paper is going to be art work and that will hang up for awhile before it comes home.  I also keep a portfolio of their work that will come home at the end of the year. But please know, they are learning, they are growing, and I will always keep you posted with any concerns I have a long the way.