Mrs. Lewis Pre-K Classroom

Hello and Welcome to Pre-K Lewis! Happy September!


What is going on in September?? 

  • Spending time getting to know each other through communication, telling stories, learning our friends names, and more! 
  • Spending time getting to know our classroom routines, procedures, and the way we should behave in the classroom so that we can be safe and healthy. 
  • Learning how to take care of our things, clean up and put the toys and center items away, using the bathrooms, and washing our hands. 
  • Learning how to have fun and adapt to a new environment!
  • September is for warming up and getting to know our friends, new teachers, and our new school.  While we will do some basic assessments to see where the children are, we will not dive into curriculum until October.  It is so important that the children are first comfortable with their new environment and then that is when all the amazing learning can happen!